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Newsmakers 2020: NAC's Heather Gibson jumped into action

In a year in which one storyline so thoroughly dominated the headlines, picking 10 different newsmakers might seem ambitious. And yet, the virus wasn’t 2020’s only story. The city mourned the passing of its most famous, and beloved, adopted son. We saw brave women at city hall come forward to tell their stories of sexual misconduct, even as their former boss denied any and all allegations levelled against him. We watched in shock and sadness as a plane was shot out of the sky, carrying dozens of Canadians, eight from Ottawa. We witnessed a reckoning on race and policing, in Ottawa and across North America. But, of course, we will remember 2020 as the year of COVID-19. It took lives, ruined businesses, separated us from our loved ones and exposed vulnerabilities in our health-care system. The virus has been in the news every day for months, a backdrop to nearly every aspect of our lives, big and small. But we approach the new year with hope. This time next year, perhaps, these pages will be filled with newsmakers who helped lead us out of this pandemic, rather than through it. Read More
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