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Ayers Landing Canoes

3494 E 2089th Rd, Wedron, IL 60557

Canoeing on the Fox is a relaxing pleasure for every member of the family.
The trip from Sheridan to Ayers Landing is about a 12 mile trip and you can
take it at your own pace. Spend as little as 3 hours or the entire day enjoying
all the river has to offer. The Fox River meanders around gently curving lands,
and it ranges in width from 50-100 yards. The total drop in the river from
Yorkville to Ayers Landing is 81 feet. This is just enough to keep you and
your party moving at a gentle pace with only a few faster rapids between
the Rt. 52 Bridge and Ayers Landing.

It is hard to believe that all this quiet and beauty is only a couple hours from Chicago.
Not only is it mentally relaxing and physically invigorating,
but the great bluffs give a wonderful sense of inner peace.

All in all we think your canoe trip will be a memorable experience you’ll want
to tell all of your friends about. Ayers Landing is your passage to fun and adventure.
No matter how many times you return, there will always be somethings new to
discover in the ever changing pageant of the Fox River

Whether you’re an experienced canoeist or just getting your feet wet for the first time,
you’ll find a canoe trip on the Fox River Trail a genuine adventure.